Over 100 unarmed Palestinian civilians including women and children were systematically murdered when terrorist Zionist groups Irgun Zevai Leumi and Lehi entered the village of Deir Yassin near Jerusalem on April 9, 1948. Never forget their suffering and never forget that the creation of the state of Israel was faciliated by the ethnic cleansing of Palestine (which still continues today).

GIFs: Occupation 101 (2006)

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"On the ground, the PA acts as a subcontracted enforcer to the Israeli occupiers."

Ferrari Sheppard, I Traveled to Palestine-Israel And Discovered There is no ‘Palestinian-Israeli Conflict’ (via androphilia)

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288 protesters detained at anti-police brutality march in Montreal
March 16, 2014

Police gave protesters at the annual demonstration against police brutality just minutes before the riot squad encircled the crowd and detained 288 people on Saturday.

Lines of riot police blocked the streets around the protest at Jean-Talon St. and Chateaubriand Ave., funnelling protesters to the south down Chateaubriand, where they were immediately encircled.

The protesters were charged under municipal bylaw P-6, which requires organizers of a protest to provide their itinerary to police.

Two people suffered minor injuries during the police intervention, police spokesperson Ian Lafrenière said.  

The protest began under a heavy police presence, including cavalry, a helicopter and dozens of riot police from the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal and the Sûreté du Québec.

“It was a veritable army of police … who occupied the area surrounding the Jean-Talon métro when the protest was to start,” the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality, which organizes the annual protest, said in a written statement issued after the protest.

The COBP organized this year’s march to protest what it called “social cleansing” of homeless and marginalized citizens by police.

“The COBP denounces the fact that the SPVM has yet again demonstrated that it is incapable of tolerating protests against its brutality and police impunity,” the organization said.

The police had a different view.

“They refused to share their itinerary, and they refused to give us any details. When we got there, we asked them not to jump onto the street, and they answered by going into the street and yelling at us that they were not cooperating,” Lafrenière said. (LOL)

Police made several arrests over the next few hours as small groups of protesters moved through the neighbourhood, occasionally blocking traffic.

“The reason we apply P-6 is to prevent problems. In a case like this, with the history that we have — that protest has been going on for 18 years and unfortunately 15 years of that it went wrong,” Lafrenière said.

In past years, the protest has often devolved into vandalism and rioting, but this year police reported only two major acts of mischief. Both a police van and a CBC/Radio-Canada truck were damaged and spray-painted.

“We are still conducting investigations in regard to the mischief,” Lafrenière said.

The 288 people detained under bylaw P-6 will receive a ticket for participating in an illegal protest.

“It looks good in the media — the police can say (all of these) people were arrested, were breaking windows and stuff, but it’s not true. They were doing nothing,” said Claudine Lamothe, who narrowly escaped arrest when police surrounded the demonstration.

The first arrested protesters were released after about an hour, while others were still in police custody and waiting to be processed as of 7 p.m. The four who may face criminal charges will be held for longer, Lafrenière said.

Tamim Sujat, a McGill student and photo editor at The McGill Daily, one of the university’s campus newspapers, was among the group arrested at the beginning of the protest.

“(The police) said ‘You’re not supposed to be loitering around with cameras where you’re not supposed to be,’” Sujat said.

Sujat said he plans to contest the $638 fine with the help of the newspaper’s lawyer. Police did not recognize his student press credentials, he added.

“They said the only thing we can do is let you out before other people,” Sujat said. 


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"The transformation of working humanity into a “labor force,” a “factor of production,” an instrument of capital, is an incessant and unending process. The condition is repugnant to the victims, whether their pay is high or low, because it violates human conditions of work; and since the workers are not destroyed as human beings but are simply utilized in inhuman ways, their critical, intelligent, conceptual faculties, no matter how deadened or diminished, always remain in some degree a threat to capital."

Harry Braverman, Labor and Monopoly Capital: The Degradation of Work in the Twentieth Century (via yellow-yellow-data-mellow)

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	Poll: 61% say US has no responsibility to intervene in Ukraine.

	[photo via Wikimedia Commons]


Poll: 61% say US has no responsibility to intervene in Ukraine.

[photo via Wikimedia Commons]

UN concerned over Gaza blockade, blames Israel for violations in West Bank

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Venezuela generals arrested on coup charges



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Quick update on the situation in Venezuela.


Egypt: More than 500 sentenced to death in ‘grotesque’ ruling | Amnesty International


Egypt: More than 500 sentenced to death in ‘grotesque’ ruling | Amnesty International

Death toll in Syria hits new mark


  • 150,000 dead in newly updated Syria death toll, by the Syria Observatory of Human Rights. Fighting still continues across the Syria nation under a three year civil war. Recent clashes have been taking place in the Latakia province off the Mediterranean coast and in the Armenian town Kessab off the Turkish border. source

TV judges are apparently not beneath causing a scene in court.


TV judges are apparently not beneath causing a scene in court.